Roof Leak Repair

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Our Roof Leak Repair Services

One of the worst damages a home can face is water damage. Water can ruin a home’s stability very quickly, sometimes without homeowners even realizing there’s something wrong until it’s too late. Water can damage walls, roofs, foundations, every part of a home that deals with the structure and overall stability of the house. So, the last thing you want is to have a roof leak that is resulting in water getting through to your house. While even a small leak may seem like not a big deal, it can quickly become a massive problem. Once this situation spirals out of control, you’re looking at more expensive and costly services you may need to fix everything.

Therefore, it’s incredibly important that you fix a leak when you realize you have one. Often, leaks happen after severe weather messes with your roof. Wind damage is major and is one of the most common reasons why people all of a sudden realize water is leaking through their roof every time it rains. If you all of a sudden have a massive water leak, you need to use our emergency roof repair services and call us ASAP so that we can take care of this situation as soon as possible. To learn more about our roof leak repair services in Houston, TX, chat with our team at Universal Roofing & Restoration by dialing (281) 616-5842 right now!

Wind damage isn’t the only thing that causes water leaks. Any storm can really cause issues for you if it’s strong enough. Hail storms can also be very problematic, especially for homeowners who have asphalt shingles. Hail is very detrimental to asphalt shingles and can easily tear these shingles off of your house if the storm is strong enough. Just remember to give us a call if you realize that you have a water leak. The last thing you want to do is sit and wait to get this fixed!

Common Reasons You Have a Water Leak

As we mentioned above, the most common reasons why you might have water leaking through your roof every time it rains is because of harsh weather. Storms, such as hail storms, can tear apart your asphalt shingles. Severe winds can also do a lot of damage. But these aren’t the only reasons. Unfortunately, roofing that is very old can naturally fall apart over time and therefore result in water leaking through every time it rains.

Obviously, you can’t prevent disasters from happening, especially when these disasters are tied to harsh weather or severe storms. But you can work to try to stay on top of your roof’s condition and fix it when needed. Investing in a preventative service — such as our roof inspection service — can help keep you aware of any problems that your roof may have, and fix them right then and there. This is great for those who have an older roof that is still stable, yet reaching the end of its time.

We Can Help

Do you need help in an emergency? Have a water leak that you had no idea about, and now the leak is causing real issues in your roof and entire house? We can help! Our team of roofers is well trained to handle any and all types of emergencies. To learn more about how we can help you with a roof leak repair in Houston, TX, chat with Universal Roofing & Restoration at (281) 616-5842 right now!