Residential Roof Installation

Roofer installing new roof

Residential Roof Installation

When you need a new roof installed, it can feel overwhelming when you’re faced with all of the different options you must decide on. After all, how is anyone to know what roof is best for them and their house? Is one better than the other? Is there a common go-to? When you work with us, we help you find the absolute best roof for you and your home. You want a roof that is stable and increases the overall longevity of your home. You don’t want a poorly installed roof that will only cause problems in the short and long run.

When you work with us, you get a transparent team of highly trained professionals who keep you updated every step of the way. Regardless of what type of residential roofing you’re investing in, we know what we’re doing. We know how to work with all types of roofing, whether it be metal or asphalt. Our roof installation services covers all roofing types and materials, and you can be certain that you’re getting a team who will expertly install your new roof in no time. Do you want to learn more about how we can specifically help you and your household? Talk with our team at Universal Roofing & Restoration to learn more about our residential roof installation services in Houston, TX by dialing (281) 616-5842 right now!

Whenever you’re installing a new roof or replacing an existing one, you need to ensure that the person working on your home knows what they’re doing. A poorly installed roof can actually become incredibly problematic very quickly. For example, all it will take is a few asphalt shingles not installed correctly for you to have water leaking through your roof every time it rains. And any time you have water leaking through your roof and into your house, you run the risk of water damage slowly ruining your home. Water damage is incredibly problematic and can quickly spiral into a massive problem that can rack up many costs in damages. With a correctly installed roof to begin with, you can potentially avoid many of these problems from happening.

Our Roof Installation Services

Here at Universal Roofing & Restoration, we offer many different residential roof installation services depending on what type of roofing you would like. We know the ins and outs of metal roofing and can quickly work to install a wonderful standing seam metal roofing onto any home. We understand how to work with any and all types of metals and can work with you to find the best type for your new metal roof installation. However, we don’t just work with metal! We also work with the more common asphalt shingles and architectural shingles for those needing these types of installations.

We also work on gutter installation and chimney repair, which could be vital if you’re installing a brand new roofing system on your home. If your roof is damage and needs to be replaced with a new roof installation, you might need new gutters and your chimney fixed. We know how to do all this and can combine our services to seamlessly install a new roof on your house and fix any issues that we might find with other aspects of your roof and house in the process. Remember, it’s highly important that a trained professional works on installing your roof, so as to keep any problems at bay. When you work with us, you won’t have to worry about an incorrectly installed home, regardless of the type of roofing you choose!

Let Us Help You

Our team of expertly trained roofers know how to quickly, yet efficiently, get the job done with any residential roof installation job. We understand how stressful getting a new roof can be. When you work with us, we keep things transparent and always ensure that you understand exactly what we’re doing, when we do it. As we’re well equipped to handle all types of roofing, we can seamlessly install your new roof on your home in no time. Want to learn more about how our residential roof installation services could benefit you? Chat with us at Universal Roofing & Restoration in Houston, TX by dialing (281) 616-5842 today!