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PVC Roofing

PVC roofing is a single-ply roofing solution that is great for commercial properties that have low sloping or flat roofs. Built to last and made to withstand even the harshest chemicals and weather conditions, PVC roofing has become a popular addition to many commercial properties in the last few decades and years. And for right reason. PVC really is one of the best solutions for those who feel their roof needs some extra support. When you have a PVC roofing, you know that you won’t have to worry about any massive problems like you will with some other roofing materials.

However, just like with any type of roofing installation, you truly need an expert who knows what they’re doing if you’re looking for PVC roof installation services. An incorrectly stalled PVC roof can cause major issues almost immediately — and no one wants that! Our team of highly trained professionals know how to work with PVC and install a PVC roof correctly in no time. We also know everything about this type of roofing and offer PVC roof repair services, if needed! To learn more about our PVC roofing services in Houston, TX, chat with Universal Roofing & Restoration at (281) 616-5842 today!

PVC roofing is incredibly popular for many commercial building owners because it truly does stand the test of time. While it doesn’t last forever, no roofing material truly does. However, with PVC you can rest easy knowing that your property will be safe during harsh weather conditions and severe storms. Plus, a PVC roof is also resistant to sun discoloration and damage, which is always a plus!

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Whenever you need any help with anything to do with PVC — whether you need assistance with a PVC roof replacement or simply want to know more about this specific roofing type — give us a call. We’re here to help! Even if you don’t understand which roofing type would be best for your commercial business, we can help point you in the right direction and give you all the advice you need. To learn more about our many different commercial roofing services, including PVC roofing in Houston, TX, chat with our team at Universal Roofing & Restoration at (281) 616-5842 right now!